I recently moved in to a new property and as such had to move all my belongings with me. The landlord at the new apartment had provided us with a 28″ screen mounted on the wall which I intended on replacing with my 42″ TV.

I didn’t want to use the existing mounting bracket as I wasn’t comfortable with placing a 42″ TV on a bracket that was designed to hold a 28″ TV so we needed to buy a new TV stand. As most people my age seem to do the thought of buying new furniture instantly lead to a trip to IKEA, now because the bracket was still attached to the wall we knew we had to buy a TV stand of a set height in order to conceal it.

It was at this point that I discovered that you cannot search IKEA’s website by item dimension which was annoying and so I set about finding a way to enable me to do that.

This lead to a week long project in which I scraped the details of every product available on the IKEA website for the following countries UK, USA, Australia, Canada, China and Ireland and saved them to the database. I then used this database to create the page http://ikeabysize.com which allows you to search the data for items by their dimensions, the results are sorted in order of items that fit the dimensions provided the best with more options to follow shortly.