I’m currently staying in a rather nice hostel/hotel in Edinburgh as it’s Wales vs Scotland in the six nations.

The hostel provides seven PCs for residents to use at a charge of £1 for 20 minutes use, this to me seemed a little steep for the amount of interneting that I enjoy doing, so I set about seeing if there where any ways around this monetary requirement.

As it turns out there was: upon login in the the machines you are greeted with a page asking you to top up your available internet time or view the free sites on offer. The hostel I’m staying in did not provide any free sites for you to look which is kind of sad. I got lucky and decided to press the Secured with Visa logo on the page which caused the terminal to error. This closed the Global Gossip Connect software but left me with a blank blue screen. The only keyboard shortcut I could get to work was Windows+U which brought up the Utility Management screen. From here I could use the Help option and then Right Mouse Clicking on the right hand pane gave me the option to view the source of the page. This in turn opened up Notepad and using the Open option in Notepad and changing the file type to *.* All Files gave me a simple explorer pane. I browsed to C:\Program Files\ and found a browser program in this case Firefox, right clicking the .exe file gave me the option to open. This started Firefox and allowed me to access the internet without the charges for the minutes I use.