Earlier on I described a work around to enable you to view your Tweets in Lifestream.

This workaround was not a great solution and so I set about hacking the extension.inc.php code in the extensions/twitter folder of Lifestream.

I remembered reading a retweet by mubix who had outlined how Twitter and HTC had resolved their Peep issue when Twitter defaulted to OAuth authentication back in September 2010.

What the Tweet outlines is that by adding ?source=twitterandroid to the end of your Twitter request you are not forced to use OAuth and can continue to use the basic authentication i.e sending your username and password upon each request.

So adding


to the end of line 72

return $url_base . '/statuses/user_timeline/'.$this->get_option('username').'.rss?page='.$page.'&count='.$count;

to give me

return $url_base . '/statuses/user_timeline/'.$this->get_option('username').'.rss?page='.$page.'&count='.$count.'&source=twitterandroid';

With the changes saved I inputted my credentials into my Lifestream plugin and hey presto tweets are now showing in my stream.