Having installed Diaspora succesfully yesterday I got on to #diaspora to make some friends and actually use the social aspect of diaspora.

Yesterday a lot of things were not working correctly, thankfully the developers were lurking in IRC and advised us that many of our issues were being corrected and that the Git was being updated.

The fixes have worked brilliantly and as of this morning I seem to be able to send and receive requests without a problem 🙂

To update your Diaspora installation you need to do the following from a shell prompt

CTRL+C or Killall Ruby

Use CTRL+C if you’ve not demonized your process or Killall Ruby if you have.

service mongod stop

This stops your database. You now need to get into the root directory of Diaspora, so on my server I’d CD to the following

cd /var/www/html/diaspora

Now we can update our Git files.

git pull

With that done you can start your database.

service mongod start

Now in the same root directory we can re-bundle our install

bundle install

After that we must Rake


If you want to start with a fresh database then issue the following command, you will loose all current users and data

bundle exec db:purge

With our code updated we can start Diaspora once again

bundle exec thin start
bundle exec thin start -d