As well as owning I also own Primarily I bought as an experiment into setting up and managing a VPS and into configuring Google Apps with a domain. As such I wasn’t concerned with the web page being displayed there, I wasn’t interested in hosting another blog and had no grand ideas for a killer website and so I decided to link to a page that links to me across the web.

Originally I used this gives you a single web page to display your information. It is a really nice service, upon signing up you are given a URL which you can customize the backgrounds and fonts to, you are then presented with a list of services that you may have signed up for: Twitter, Last.FM, Tumbler, WordPress, Friendfeed, Flickr, Foursquare e.t.c. After authorizing to grab your data your pretty much done. The nice thing about is that when a user comes to your page they don’t leave it to view your social data as displays it inline as part of your page.

I’ve now moved on to use my Gravatar personnal profile page as the homepage for This very similar to allows you to link your profile to the myriad of social networks out there. The difference between it and is the layout, it is a profile page rather than an aggregator and so comes across more like a business card I guess which I really like. It doesn’t display your status updates and such in-line rather it links you to your user pages but I can deal with that.

If you have suggestions for any other homepage replacements please leave them in the comments below