When I first heard that Google had created their own Social Network I knew that I wanted in. The following are the steps I took to get an invite and ultimately get in to Google+

The first thing you need to do is get an invite. These come in two forms an official invite from Google or if someone shares with you (your email address) a status update or photo you are invited to join the project to interact with that user.

Unless you know someone at Google the first option is a no go, the second option is pheasable but you need to know someone who is all ready in Google+.
This is where the brilliant people over at XDA-Developers come in, one of their members nibras_reeza has created a form which you can fill in with your details and he will send you an invite. Be aware that invites can take up to 8 hours to arrive in your inbox for some absurd reason.

So head on over to this Google Spreadsheet to get signed up.

Once you’ve received your invite click on the link to find out more about Google+ this will take you to a page with the option to join Google+

At the next screen is the next hurdle, due to Google+ being in Beta Google are only allowing a limited amount of people trial the product. They seem to let those invited to signup for short periods of time at random periods of the day, a trickle feed effectively of users.

To be alerted when this Window of opportunity arises we head back to XDA-Developers for a script written by Adam.h.ogle. This GreaseMonkey script refreshes the warning screen that says Google+ is over it’s capacity every 5 seconds. The ideal situation is to have the page with the script running in it’s own window somewhere on your desktop so that you can glance over to see it’s current status while working. Once the page changes to ask for your Name and Gender your in and the wonders of Google+ are yours.