My friend at work came across a series of puzzles over at The premise is that for every level unlocked the band will subtract 20% off the price of their latest CD, there are five levels and so it’s possible to get the CD for free. The puzzles are an image displayed on screen with a clue in the title to help you along, clicking on the image will attempt to direct you to the next puzzle after you have entered the correct username and password.

Puzzle 1 (Walk in Darkness):

Upon seeing the image I recognized that this was braille a quick Google Image search provided me with the braille alphabet and I set about converting the text.

Puzzle 2 (Reflect your Path):

Again I was presented with braille and so I converted it and attempted to use the words I’d discovered. This failed and after being told I was not authorized I had another go at it. The clue was in the title as I had been told at the start, looking at the words on paper I realised they spelt a different word backwards trying this at my next login attempt took me to puzzle three.

Puzzle 3 (Jumble the Turmoil):

Again I got braille and so again I converted it, this gave me two normal words and just on the off chance I tried them again this failed. Wikipedia the second link on my Google search gave me the meaning of the word jumble:

Jumble is a word puzzle with a clue, a drawing illustrating the clue, and a set of words, each of which is “jumbled” by permuting its letters to make an anagram. 

The first link of my Google search sent me to a Scrambled Word Solver mixing a few of the permutations resulted in the correct username and password and I was on to the next one.

Puzzle 4 (Communications Opposed):

This one had me stumped, I tried flipping and reversing the characters shown to give me meaningful answers and yet nothing was working. Then a colleague took a look and within five minutes he had the answer. The characters being represented in the image where the dots that I couldn’t see, so using the dots in the image as spaces I redid the braille and then converted it giving me the correct username and password.

Puzzle 5 (Substantiate and Tally):

This puzzle brakes from the norm and displays a list of numbers. I hadn’t a clue and so put the string of numbers into Google. I came across two pages that helped me get the answer, the first explained a different method of displaying braille, the second is a worksheet where words are broken down into their numbers. I used Internet Explorers search function to find the corresponding numbers I required which resulted in the final username and password.

I enjoyed the puzzles and hopefully haven’t given away to much that you’ll still enjoy them.