What’s in a name?

I guess what your called can be to do with family traditions, famous people or whats popular at the time. You don’t get a say in what your name is going to be  unless you change it by law so I think it’s interesting to find out a bit about other people called Rob McGhee out there in the world.

www.robertmcghee.com when browsing to this page you are greeted by someones ugly mug I assume it is Robert and told to leave. From his whois record I’ve found that he lives at 42 Davenport Road, Ashville, North Carolina 28806-2927 his admin email address rcmcghee@runbox.com suggests his middle name begins with a C and thats about it.

When Googling Robert McGhee the first item that comes up is about an archaeologist Robert John McGhee a Canadian who specialises in the archaeology of the Arctic. He has written three books on the Arctic which dominate the Google listings for Robert McGhee and can be obtained from Amazon , he also has an award named after himself for his dedication to the Arctic.

The second Robert McGhee on Google is Robert McGhee the Church of Scotland minister who apparently championed the conservative evangelical movment in Scotland through the last half of the 20th Centuary.

My fourth Robert McGhee is a sportsman. It appears a Robert William McGhee played 4 First-Class cricket matches for Australia between 1990 and 1991, all I have are his perticulars:  D.O.B 24/03/1963, Right-Handed Batsman and a Right-Handed fast-medium bowler. He averaged 12.5 with the bat and 43.7 with the ball.

My final Robert McGhee is a Mr Robert R. McGhee I have no idea what the R stands for as his middle name. This Robert is an advacate for Native American issues throughout the American governmant. He is currently the Government Relations Advisor for the Poarch Band of Creek Indians and the president of Creek Indians Enterprises.

That’s it for other Robert McGhees on the internets. I’m sure there are thousands more if I type my name into Facebook or Twitter but I thought I’d take a quick look at a few found through Google.