At work all pages linked to sport have been blocked (see my post about Websense). This lead me to write a simple script that parsed the BBC Football Gossip page and output the text it found on a different non sports related domain.

Below is the output of that script and it’s also my first use of the Exec-PHP plugin for WordPress:

No BBC Page Found Please Try Again

echo $body;
// if the file is found then format the HTML
// get rid of the BBC Header Items
$headless = explode(““, $html);
$html = $headless[1];

// get rid of the images and links put the Day as the main item
$h1 = explode(“

“, $html);
$h1n1 = explode (“

“, $h1[2]);
$h1 = “

” . $h1n1[0] . “


// get rid of any text at the bottom of the page
$html = $h1n1[1];
$text = explode(“
“, $html);
$html = $text[0];

// output my formated page
echo $h1 . $html;