Over the weekend I decided to have a play with Googles new OS Chrome. Having read an article on downloadsquad.com I headed over to Hexxehs’ page to download his latest Chrome compilation Flow.

Hexxeh provides a USB image and a VMWare image so you can play around without writing anything to your hard disk. His page also points you to all software and information you’d require to get started on any platform.

I downloaded the USB tar.gz file and unpacked it then using the Image Writing software linked from the site I wrote the .img file to my pen drive. After ammending my BIOS to load USB ahead of the harddrive Chrome came to life in a very short space of time.

After login in with the default Username and Password: facepunch the home screen is displayed with links to all the important webpages any web 2.0 geek would need Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, GMail, Google Docs and more. Unfortunatley for me Chrome didn’t like my wireless card and so I was limited to using ethernet.

Past browsing and flicking through the applications I didn’t do much and I don’t think I’ll be using Chrome as a default OS any time soon especially with it’s need to be connected to the Internet to do anything. But I could see it being used by older people who don’t want to have to install programs or search through folders to find things as it presents them with their programs in a very simplistic way and everything is stored in the cloud.