I recently received my new phone the beautiful HTC Desire HD, currently there is no persistant root available for it or the HTC G2 but people are working on it.

One of the ways mentioned as a possibility to root the phone was to create a GoldCard that ignores the CID/signing of an Update.zip or RUU.exe and so you can flash whatever you want on to the phone.

Part of the process requires you to get the reverse of your memory card number. All of the tutorials point to different websites that can process the numbers for you before you use the number to generate your GoldCard. I thought I’d have a little fun and throw together an AJAX and PHP script to spit out the reversed numbers as you typed.

The finished item can be found on my testbox http://mcgh.ee/gc

My next step is to learn how the actual GoldCards are generated and see if I can do it manually :)